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About Germany’s Great Bavarian Circus

This great German circus experience is coming to you! For the first time in the United States, witness one of Europe’s oldest circus families and their traditional German circus show.


The dynamic duo of brothers Benajmin and David Spindler proudly carry forward the legacy of one of Germany’s most illustrious circus dynasties. As the 9th generation of their family, they remain an indomitable part of German circus history, bridging the past and the present.

On their father’s side, their great-grandparents Alois Spindler and Luzzie Heppenheimer Spindler founded Circus Aramant, which they operated with their eleven children. Their legacy endures with family members running numerous successful circuses, such as the Frankfurt Christmas Circus, produced by Circus Carl Busch; Circus Universal Renz; Circus Voyage and Circus Berolina, among others.

The maternal lineage is equally impressive, with great-grandparents Theodor Oll and Olly Brumbach at the helm of Circus Belloni with their five children, a tradition now upheld by their grandchildren, who travel across Europe with multiple circus units.

Benjamin and David’s father, Max Spindler and his wife, Monika, married in 1965 and stared a pony ride unit. Two years later, they created the highly successful Circus Safari, touring Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg until the early 1970s when they relocated to Berlin.

Benjamin, with his wife Magdalena; and David, with his wife Kerstin; carried on the tradition, managing Circus Safari in Berlin until 1995. The family then decided to return to Bavaria, from where they expanded their tours to Austria, Slovenia and Croation over the next 15-plus years.

Max and Monika’s other children are also still entertaining the masses with their own Circuses. Daughter Judith and husband Gerd Richter produce the beautiful Circus Modeo and are well known for their contributions for children with disabilities. They were awarded the highest civilian award given by the German government The Bundes Verdienst Kreuz.

The Spindler siblings, along with their spouses, continue to captivate audiences with their diverse talents, including expertise in liberty animal training, aerial artistry, hand-to-hand juggling, acrobatics and clowning. They have dedicated their lives to learning, training and perfecting their craft.

At the age of 79, patriarch Max Spindler realized his dream of introducing their beloved, family-oriented German circus and its rich history to the U. S. The dream is now a reality as Benjamin and David, along with their children and extended family, embark on a new chapter in thier illustrious entertainment history, bringing the cherished Germany’s Great Bavarian Circus to American audiences across the country.

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